The Early Years


In 1929, Alex Manoogian, our Company’s founder, organized Masco Screw Products Company in Detroit, Michigan, machining parts for the automotive industry. In 1936, Masco became a public company and was listed on the Detroit Stock Exchange. Upon America’s entry into World War II, Masco converted to the manufacture of materials to support the war effort. This experience in new technologies that resulted from the war effort provided a springboard for Masco’s future growth and allowed the Company to assume a leadership role in the metalworking industry. By 1942, Masco’s annual sales had exceeded $1 million.

Masco Screw Products first contract was for a machining job from the Hudson Motor Car Company.

Even with a grim economic forecast, the company purchased several well-used but still effective screw machines.

The Formative Years


A major turning point in Masco’s history occurred in 1954 when the Company began manufacturing a few machine parts for a product that would revolutionize the plumbing market – the single-handle faucet. Twenty five years after the founding of the company, Alex Manoogian had applied his metalworking knowledge and skills to the product and completely redesigned it. The new, attractive, functional Delta faucet achieved immediate acceptance and launched the Company in the building products industry.

Only four years after its launch, Delta Faucet sales had passed the $1 million mark. In order to meet the growing demand and leverage manufacturing efficiencies, Masco constructed a new facility in Indiana devoted exclusively to the manufacture of faucets.

The late 1960s were a period of significant change. Reflecting the Company’s diversification into the building products industry, in 1961 the Company changed its name to Masco Corporation. In addition, the Corporation moved to its new headquarters in Taylor, Michigan and Richard Manoogian, the founder’s son, became President and Chief Operating Officer. This extensive growth culminated in Masco Corporation being listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1969.

New York Stock Exchange

In 1969, Masco Corporation was listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Delta® single-handle faucet

The introduction of the Delta® single-handle faucet was a turning point in Masco’s history.

The Growth Years


During the 1970s, Richard Manoogian built on the success of his father, leading the Company to a prominent place on the Fortune 500 list. With sales exceeding $1 billion in 1983, diversification continued with Masco acquiring a number of complementary manufacturers of industrial and building products companies. In 1984, in a dramatic strategic initiative, Masco formed a new public company, Masco Industries, composed of its industrial component businesses. Masco Corporation now was composed of companies focused on consumer brand-name products for the home and family.

Adding to its portfolio of consumer brand-name products, Masco entered the cabinet manufacturing business in 1985. During the 1990’s, Masco grew into a diversified company enjoying leadership positions in many growing industries. During this decade, the Company entered the service business, the architectural coatings business and the windows business.

Richard Manoogian

Under the leadership of Richard Manoogian, our founder’s son, the company achieved dramatic growth and joined the Fortune 500 list of largest U.S. corporations.

Merillat Classic Avenue Bath

In 1985, Masco entered the kitchen and bath cabinet manufacturing business with the acquisition of Merillat Industries.

Masco Today

2000 - Today

During the past decade, we have streamlined our business platform into four business segments that are grouped by similarity in products and services. Today, Masco is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of brand-name products for the home improvement and new home construction segment. Over the years, the Company has evolved with the times, but we have always been steadfast in our commitment to provide quality products. As a result, our brands are recognized and respected around the globe.

Masco Corporation headquarters outside

Masco Corporation headquarters in Taylor, Michigan.

Masco Corporation headquarters inside

Today, Masco Corporation is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of brand-name consumer products for the home and family.